Dayton F Dyshawn Pierre suspended after sexual assault allegation

Dayton senior forward Dyshawn Pierre has been suspended from school after he was accused of sexual assault by another student.
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Dayton senior forward Dyshawn Pierre has been suspended from school after he was accused of sexual assault by another student, reports Josh Sweigart of the Dayton Daily News.

Pierre is not enrolled in classes for this semester. His chances for returning to the basketball team are unclear, though it is possible Pierre could play again in late December after the first 10 games of the season.

In May, a female student accused Pierre of sexually assaulting her at his campus residence after they returned from a night out at a local bar. She told an investigating officer that she “pushed at the suspect and told him to stop.”

Pierre has denied wrongdoing in the incident.

“At no time did she by words or actions ever indicate that she was an an unwilling participant,” Pierre wrote in a statement. “I never held her down so it was impossible for her to get away, or held her down in any way. I never told her to or demanded that she do anything. Everything we did was totally consensual.”

In June, an investigation of the incident was turned over to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, which has declined to press charges “due to insufficient evidence,” reports the Dayton Daily News.

Pierre’s accuser did not wish to press charges, but also did not want him to go unpunished completely, the incident report said.

Pierre was the leading scorer for Dayton last season, averaging 12.7 points and 8.1 rebounds.

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