Talk to Your Kids About an Undefeated Iowa

Friday's Campus Clicks: Man talks to his kids about undefeated Iowa
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No one picked Iowa to make a run at the College Football Playoff. No one.

Not even the most diehard Hawkeye supporters thought there was a miniscule chance that the man burning up on the coaching the seat, Kirk Ferentz, could be guide them within sniffing distance of a playoff berth.

Seven games into the 2015 season, that berth in the College Football Playoffs is a very real possibility. Iowa is 7-0 for the first time in six years and doesn't face another ranked team for the remaining of the regular season. Their final five opponents have two combined Big Ten victories and although a season-ending trip to Nebraska will be a tough test, it appears more likely than not that the undefeated Hawkeyes will represent the West division in the title game.

They have become a hot topic of conversation as pokers and prodders evaluate playoff contenders and will remain one until they lose, if they even do lose. And one concerned father is being proactive in speaking with his children now about the undefeated Hawkeyes before heated Iowa debates explode across the nation: