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University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe resigns

University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe has resigned. 

University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe has resigned, he announced Monday.

Wolfe has been the subject of criticism for his handling of several racially charged incidents on campus. Students, the football team and Missouri lawmakers were among those who called for Wolfe to resign or be fired.

On Nov. 2, Missouri grad student Jonathan Butler began a hunger strike with the hope of having Wolfe fired. Last week, a group of black players on the football team announced they would not participate in football activities in support of Butler. Sunday, Tigers coach Gary Pinkel and the rest of the team joined the group, refusing to partake in football activities until Butler’s hunger strike came to an end.

After Wolfe’s resignation, Butler announced the end of his hunger strike. A statement from Mizzou Athletics confirmed that Saturday’s game against BYU will take place as scheduled and the team will practice on Tuesday.

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Much of the conflict in Missouri started in September, when a student said he was abused with racial slurs, and the university did not respond for six days. In October, members of the Legion of Black Collegians were rehearsing for a play when a student yelled the N-word at them. Later in October, someone smeared feces in the shape of a swastika in a residence hall bathroom.

“I take full responsibility for this frustration and I take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred,” Wolfe said Monday. “Use my resignation to heal and start talking again.”

- Rohan Nadkarni