What does Nick Saban's future hold after Alabama's title? #DearAndy

In this week's #DearAndy, Andy Staples answers your questions on Nick Saban's future, TV deals and the College Football Playoff's impact on bowl games.
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In this week’s #DearAndy, Andy Staples answers your questions from Twitter on…

• Should every team in the country other than Alabama pool together money to convince Nick Saban to retire? The bigger question is, would he take it? Or more seriously, will Saban leave Alabama any time soon?

• Will decreases in television deal payouts and declines in cable subscribers change how realignment proceeds? Could the Power 5 conferences get more money by selling their TV rights as a group? Could they explore streaming-based packages? What’s the future of watching college football?

• Does the College Football Playoff decrease interest in the other bowl games? Could that lead to fewer bowl games in the future? Will bowls remain a part of the playoff system?

• What on Earth are we supposed to do for the next 200-plus days until the 2016 college football season starts?