NCAA announces rule changes for 2016 season

The NCAA announced rule changes Tuesday for the 2016 season.
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The NCAA announced rule changes Tuesday for the 2016 season.

The changes, which were originally approved in February, include allowing replay officials to stop games and assign targeting fouls “where an egregious action occurred and was missed by on-field officials.” Additionally, electronic devices will now be allowed inside press boxes and locker rooms during games, but not on the field or sideline.

The following rules were also approved.

• The rules dealing with low blocks were adjusted to prohibit a player who leaves the tackle box from blocking below the waist toward the initial position of the ball.
• The rules pertaining to a defenseless player will include a ball carrier who has clearly given himself up by sliding feet first.
• The deliberate tripping of the ball carrier (with the leg) was approved as a foul.

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The Football Rules Committee also added that officials are now instructed to “stringently enforce” the three-yard limit regarding ineligible receivers downfield.