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Ted Cruz denies relation to Duke’s Grayson Allen

The Republican presidential candidate pointed to the difference in athleticism.

Republican candidate for president Ted Cruz has quite a bit on his plate these days. The only issue of his Campus Rush cares to get to the bottom of is whether or not Cruz is related to Duke star Grayson Allen. Though the resemblance between the two is certainly there, Cruz flatly denied any relation between him and Allen.

“I don't have nearly the hops to be him," Cruz responded when asked by CNN's Betsy Klein if him and Allen were, in fact, the same person. “I will say I wish I did—that young man can fly. The video of him winning the slam dunk championship in high school—that is crazy how high he can jump.

“I'm proud of my six-inch vertical. The only way I see the rim is standing on a ladder."

Hmm. Isn't this exactly what Ted Cruz would say if he actually was Grayson Allen? I guess we'll never know.