Jim Harbaugh rips NCAA’s satellite camp ban

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh heavily criticized the NCAA over its ban on satellite camps. 
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Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh thinks the NCAA’s satellite camp ban is a bad decision.

In an interview with Campus Rush’s Michael Rosenberg, Harbaugh ripped the latest NCAA legislation, which prevents coaches from attending high school football camps around the country. Harbaugh attended numerous satellite camps last year, and planned to again this summer, but his actions drew the ire of the SEC, mostly because of a perceived recruiting advantage.

The SEC, which self-imposes a ban on satellite camps, proposed a nationwide ban to the NCAA, a proposal which passed earlier this month. Harbaugh called the new rule a “knee-jerk” reaction.

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“I mean, what's it based on? A survey? There wasn't a lot of discussion or study,” Harbaugh told Rosnberg. “What are the facts? What are the perils and merits of making that decision? It just seemed lacking in that regard.”

The ban has far-reaching consequences, mostly for smaller schools outside the Power Five conferences, who used the camps to meet more unheralded recruits. Other camps also taught athletes life skills in addition to football. Harbaugh described the new legislation a hypocritical.

“During the NCAA basketball tournament we discuss the term 'student-athlete' ad nauseam in promoting our governing institution and our member institutions,” Harbaugh said. “Then, when we have an opportunity to truly promote the 'student-athlete' with a concept shared by educators and football men from all backgrounds, our leadership goes into hiding.

“I suggest we drop the term 'student-athlete' for consistency.”

You can read all of Harbaugh’s thoughts—including directed criticism at Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze—and more over at Campus Rush