Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze accepts responsibility for NCAA violations

Hugh Freeze says neither he nor any members of his staff never knowingly violated any NCAA rules.
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Head coach Hugh Freeze has accepted responsibility for Ole Miss’ NCAA woes that resulted in the self-imposed loss of 11 football scholarships, he told ESPN.com’s Chris Low.

On Friday, Ole Miss released its notice of allegations and its response relating to NCAA violations against the university.

The notice indicates several violations occurred during football coach Hugh Freeze’s tenure, and includes some Level I infractions, which the NCAA considers the most serious. Freeze says that neither he nor anyone on his staff ever knowingly violated any NCAA rules.

“The first thing I would say is that I own it. That’s part of it when you’re the head coach. You take the good with the bad,” Freeze said. “But there’s a big difference between making mistakes in recruiting and going out there with the intent to cheat. I don't have any information that anybody on my staff has been involved in any illegal payments to players or offering any inducements to players, and if I did have that information, I would fire them.”

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The NCAA Committee on Infractions is assessing the situation before reaching a decision regarding any penalties. The committee is also investigating the comments by former offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil regarding extra benefits from members of Freeze’s coaching staff.