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Ranking top 100 players in college football for 2016 season: Nos. 100–91

SI.com ranks the top 100 players in college football for the 2016, beginning with Nos. 100–91.
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Ranking college football players is an inherently dangerous task. With the number of different ways a player can contribute—quantitative ways like sacks, yards and interceptions or qualitative ways like sound blocking and tight coverage—it’s difficult to gage who makes the most impact. On top of that, with players limited to four-year careers, there’s a significant amount of guesswork to assess how players will develop from one season to the next.

So, with those acknowledged limitations, SI.com’s college football staff presents its top 100 players for the 2016 season. We’ll reveal 10 players per day, beginning Monday with the players ranked 100 through 91. These rankings are not just an assessment of what the players have done so far but how they’ll perform this fall. And rather than simply rank players by their expected production, we attempt to discern who is the most valuable. Essentially, if you were starting a team from scratch, who would you want the most?