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Ohio State’s Noah Brown traps ball against defender’s back to make touchdown catch

This might be the catch of the year.

Ohio State sophomore wide receiver Naoh Brown submitted a nominee for catch of the year on Saturday, using a defender’s back to secure the football.

Brown leaped up in the end zone on a second-and-10 from the Oklahoma 21-yard line, reached around the back of defensive back Michah Quick, and trapped the ball against him. Officials reviewed the play and determined that he had his feet in bounds.

The catch, his third of the game, gave him 62 yards on the night and three touchdowns.

The catch was similar to former Alabama wideout Tyrone Prothr’s catch back in 2005.

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The No. 3 Buckeyes led No. 14 Oklahoma 35–17 after the catch.

– Kenny Ducey