Alabama captains actually did shake hands with Washington before Peach Bowl

Alabama and Washington did shake hands before the game, just not after the coin toss. 
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Contrary to a now-viral video clip, Alabama’s captains did shake hands with their Washington counterparts before Saturday’s Peach Bowl. 

After Washington won the coin toss and elected to receive, the referee said, “Gentlemen, step up. Shake hands. Good luck.”

The Washington captains approached with their hands extended to the Alabama captains—Jonathan Allen, Cam Robinson and Reuben Foster—who had already taken off for the sidelines.

​The clip inspired vitriol against the Crimson Tide players from many viewers. 

However, the captains from both sides did shake hands before the toss.

They did not shake hands for a second time after the toss. 

Washington scored first in the game but Alabama took a 17–7 lead into halftime.