Brent Musburger wishes Joe Mixon well in NFL, fires back at critics on air

Mixon was suspended for the 2014 season after he punched a female student.
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ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger fired back at criticism of his comments regarding Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon during Monday night’s Suger Bowl broadcast.

Early on in the game, Musburger brought up Mixon’s suspension for punching a female student in 2014, leaving her with several broken bones in her face, and wished the sophomore well in the future.

“Let’s hope that this young man makes the most of his [second] chance and goes on to have a career in the National Football League,” he said.

Video: Fans chant ‘He hits women’ at Joe Mixon during Sugar Bowl

Many were critical of the comments online, and apparently some tweets were brought to the attention of Musburger. He snapped back by calling Mixon’s assault “brutal and uncalled for,” but said he “pulls for people with second chances” and hoped the Oklahoma running back might use his assault case to prevent more from happening.

Video of Mixon hitting Molitor was released in December after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled it public record. He accepted an “Alford Plea” to the misdemeanor charge of acts resulting in gross injury/outraging public decency.

Mixon publicly apologized for the incident two weeks ago.

He hit the 100-yard mark in the fourth quarter of the game.