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Top 10 games you need to watch in 2017 college football season

From Week 1 (Florida State vs. Alabama) to Week 13 (the Iron Bowl), the 2017 college football schedule is loaded with can't-miss games. These are the best of the bunch.
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In our second week of college football top 10 lists here on ‪, we’re spinning things forward and taking a look at 10 games you need to watch in 2017. These should be some of the most competitive and fun matchups, and most seem likely to have implications for conference title games and the College Football Playoff. There’s one surprise game mixed in to give a reprieve from the Power 5 and offer a look at some of the better teams from outside of the major conferences.

Of course, surprises will creep up; I can’t imagine putting a Penn State game on this type of list last summer, and the Nittany Lions played in one of the most entertaining regular-season games last fall. That said, armed with what we know (or what we think we know), here are 10 games to plan to watch or set your DVRs to record this season.

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