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10 coaches under the most pressure to win in 2017

Whether because of poor performance, NCAA investigations or even a meddling governor, these 10 coaches face intense pressure to win this fall.

This week, we’re taking a look at coaches—namely, coaches who may not have jobs come December. The reasons for their instability are myriad, from NCAA investigations to persistent mediocrity to a bizarre case of a governor running his mouth. The list features big-name programs, like Notre Dame and Texas A&M, and less prominent ones like Marshall. It has coaches who won last year and coaches who lost. The so-called hot seat can be volatile, and it can cool quickly, so by week six, this might all look like nonsense—or a handful of these men may have already lost their jobs.

And so without further ado—but with the necessary caveat that we here at want everyone to remain employed and happy—here are 10 coaches with waning job security in 2017.

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