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What's the Strongest Conference in the Country Heading Into 2017?

Is the SEC still the top dog, or has one of the other Power 5 leagues passed it? We set the pecking order just over a month away from kickoff on the 2017 season.

As each conference takes a turn touting its recent accomplishments and hyping up its future at media days across the country this month in the lead-up to the college football season, it’s time to take stock of where each league actually stands headed into the fall. In ranking the FBS conferences—with an apology to independents Notre Dame, Army, UMass and BYU—we took into account the league’s current depth, recent postseason success and foundation for future growth. Which league deserves top billing a little over a month away from the first kickoff of the 2017 season? Here's how all 10 stack up.

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