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The 10 Best Decisions of College Football's Last 10 Years

From Oregon hiring Chip Kelly to the timeout before the Kick-Six, we picked the best 10 decisions across college football since 2007.

The most famous athletic feats in college football history make every highlight reel, but the sport is defined just as much by pivotal decisions as it is by standout plays: Tom Osborne going for two in the 1984 Orange Bowl, the pass interference call on Glenn Sharpe that gave Ohio State new life in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, Georgia Tech and Tulane deciding to leave the SEC. For all the year-to-year changes within coaching staffs, rosters and the rulebook, it’s hard to believe the effect one decision can have on the course of a program, a conference or a career. Below, we’ve collected the 10 best decisions of the past 10 years, from realignment coups to shrewd coaching hires.