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Notre Dame Releases New Restrictive Media Rules

Among other restrictive rules, media members are forbidden from live-tweeting practice.

Notre Dame released new restrictive media guidelines for covering practices, and the rules are causing quite a stir in the media community. 

Among the new rules:

• Media members are forbidden from tweeting or using any form of social media until practice is over and/or coach Brian Kelly has met with the media.

•Media may not release more than three minutes of video per day, and the video must be "shot tight"- shots including multiple players, formations, play type or "other strategic elements" are forbidden. 

•Reporters may not reference play type, formations or personnel information.

•Media may not report on practice injuries until the program has released an official update.

•Media may not quote or paraphrase comments made by the coaching staff during practice.  

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The release has drawn the ire of multiple media members who believe the new regulations to be unnecessarily restrictive.

The Fighting Irish are coming off a 4-8 season, its worst campaign since 2007. They open the season on Sept. 2 vs Temple.