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WATCH: Cal QB Ross Bowers Nearly Lands Front Flip While Scoring Touchdown Against No. 8 Washington State

This isn't even the first time he's flipped into the end zone, either.

In a game already drawing attention as Cal crept closer to an upset of No. 8 Washington State, Bears QB Ross Bowers added an exclamation point to make it 27-3 in the fourth quarter.

The sophomore quarterback scampered toward the end zone on 3rd & Goal, leaping over one defender who tried to wrap around his legs and continued to rotate midair. He nearly landed a perfect front flip into the end zone before tumbling to the ground in one of the most stunning plays in college football this year.

It's possible Bowers might be disappointed in himself for not sticking the landing, because he's actually done it before. The video below surfaced of Bowers executing a front flip while scoring in a high school game. The video published in December 2014, and nearly three years later it doesn't look like Bowers has lost a bit of acrobatic ability.

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What's more to the story, Bowers' mother, Joanne, served for 10 years as Washington's head gymnastics coach. As detailed in aDaily Californian profile of Bowers, he credited his mom for training him on trampolines as a child. Perhaps Bowers was the least surprised of anyone that he pulled off the viral touchdown that he did.