Michael Porter Jr. Doesn't Guarantee He'll Leave For NBA After One Year at Mizzou

Michael Porter Jr. doesn't rule out playing more than one year at Mizzou.
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Freshman star Michael Porter Jr. has yet to play a game for Missouri and yet he's already getting asked about the 2018 NBA draft. But Porter did not rule out spending more than one year at Mizzou when he spoke with reporters at the SEC Tipoff media event.

“If I do what I think we can do this year, in terms of a team not as an individual, then I’m not going to say I’ll for sure be one and done,” Porter said. “I would consider (entering the 2018 draft). But if we don’t do as well as I believe we can do as a team and I still do great individually and I’m projected top five, top three or whatever, I don’t know if I’ll go. I might come back because I want to leave a legacy and help the team get back on course. It’s not for sure one way or the other."

Porter is projected as one of the top prospects in the potential 2018 draft class. He was the No. 1 recruit in his high school class until Marvin Bagley decided to reclassify and signed with Duke over the summer. 

His comments should come as no surprise. It is sometimes obvious to fans and spectators, who will likely spend just a year with the team. Don't expect a freshman to come in and outright say that he plans to leave.