Best College GameDay Signs From Week 8: Michigan vs. Penn State

The best College GameDay signs from Penn State.
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ESPN's College GameDay is back in Happy Valley for No. 2 Penn State's showdown with No. 19 Michigan. A win for the Nittany Lions would be huge for their Playoff resume, so there's understandably a ton of excitement in the air.

It's a big moment, and the signs at GameDay didn't disappoint.


Huge fan of Spongebob references, no matter the context. 

Extra points for prop usage. 

Something tells me the guy holding this sign has used a Snapchat filter in the last 24 hours. 

Nothing like some civility on a Saturday morning. 


There's no trash talk quite like telling the opponent to keep their coach trash talk. 


Not a sign, just Tim Tebow giving Tennessee an epic pump-up speech. He even managed to sneak in a "I believe in being humble and understanding where your blessings come from." Never change, Timmy.