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Tennessee Player Flips Off Alabama Fans After Pick-Six While Down 21, Then Apologizes

Tennessee was still down by three scores.

Maybe Rashaan Gaulden knew the score, maybe he didn’t, maybe he was just ticked off and maybe — definitely — it didn’t matter.

Daniel Bituli scored a touchdown on a 97-yard interception return to bring Tennessee within three touchdowns of Alabama in the second half on Saturday, and Gaulden celebrated his teammate’s success by flipping two big birds towards the Bama crowd, which of course went over well.

Probably not a good thing to do in general, probably a worse thing to do in the middle of a blowout.

To his credit, Gaulden realized his mistake and apologized after the game.

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"I would like to issue an apology to the University of Tennessee and the University of Alabama for my gesture after the pick-six by [Daniel] Bituli," Gaulden said. "That remark that I showed was very out of character. That's not how my parents raised me. That's not how a leader of the team should show their emotions on the field. I really, sincerely apologize to the student section at Alabama for disrespecting them."