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Grayson Allen Describes Chipotle Queso As 'Underwhelming', He Isn't Wrong

Grayson Allen isn't the biggest fan of Chipotle's queso.

There are many reasons people hate Duke. Grayson Allen is among them but disliking Allen or the Blue Devils for his thoughts on Chipotle's queso should not be among them.

ESPN's David Hale shared Allen's very important thoughts on the company's hot, drippy cheese.

"Lots of hype about it," Allen said. "Honestly, a little underwhelming."

He's not wrong.

Chipotle's queso hasn't been well received since its addition to the menu last month. People took to social media to trash it. It has even been described as "a pungent, veggie-speckled cheese soup."

The company has seen and heard the hate on social media but remains confident that it would be a hit after internal research.

“The formal research we conducted prior to rolling out queso nationally showed very different results than what you might assume if you only looked at comments on social media,” chief marking officer Mark Crumpacker said in a memo. “The decision to move forward with the launch was based not on social media comments, but instead on in-depth research and the sales impact in the test markets.”

It's been reported that Chipotle's stock has fallen about 9% to $295 per share. The Mexican chain restaurant is still trying to mount a comeback from its E. coli scare in 2016. 

For once, opposing fans don't have to hate Grayson Allen. He's right on this one.