Marvin Bagley III Leaves Game Against Michigan State After Getting Poked In The Eye

Marvin Bagley III left the game in the first half and will not return after getting poked in the eye.
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Marvin Bagley III left Duke's game against Michigan State after getting poked in the eye during the first half.

Bagley was going for a defensive rebound when teammate Javin DeLaurier struck him in the eye.

He stayed down before heading to the locker room. He joined his teammates on the court in the second half, but remained on the sidelines once the half started. Coach Mike Krzyzewski called the injury a “scratched eye” and said Duke didn’t want to bring Bagley back in during the second half, indicating he could return to the lineup soon.

Bagley, the number one recruit from the class of 2017, went 2-for-4 with four points before leaving the game. He had six rebounds.