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2018 National Signing Day All-Name Team

From Atrilleon Williams to Zadock Dinkelmann, we're celebrating the class of 2018's greatest names, whether they ultimately become household ones or not to college football fans.

National Signing Day has arrived, and the top prospects who did not make use of the December signing period now have a decision to make. For fans of teams in championship contention, each recruiting cycle presents the possibility that one of the incoming blue-chip prospects will someday make the play that seals a national title. For everyone else, the first Wednesday in February offers an initial opportunity to commit to memory the unique names that may someday resurface in the biggest moment of the season. As Tua Tagovailoa proved in Atlanta a month ago, sometimes those two interests ultimately converge.

With thousands of new additions to college football rosters every year, it’s not surprising to find a steady stream of one-of-a-kind names worthy of our appreciation. So while everyone is congratulating the Georgias and Ohio States of the world on reeling in star-studded talent hauls, we’re celebrating the Kobe Buffalomeats, Lil’Jordan Humphreys and Munchie Legeauxs of the world (and their parents) for adding some memorable creativity to the sport’s central characters. We scanned 3,768 prospects and separated the (Tyrus) Wheat from the chaff to bring you this year’s best in the 2018 All-Name Team.

Author’s Note: To avoid any confusion, this post comes from a place of admiration and respect, not ridicule. As you may have guessed, the author’s own surname has long been the subject of casual observers’ fascination, so he sympathizes all too well with the positives and negatives of having a memorable one.

Team Captains

Habakkuk Baldonado

Zadock Dinkelmann

Quindarious (Smoke) Monday

Bumper Pool

Kobe Buffalomeat All-Stars

Justice Dingle

Brandon Shelnutt

Yo'Heinz Tyler

Jaylen Pickle

Atrilleon Williams

Geor'quarius Spivey

Action Movie Heroes Division

Tank Jenkins

Al Blades Jr.

Ricky Slade

J.R. Justice

Tyler Friday

Jett Johnson

Legend Moore

Ace Vick

Action Movie Villains Division

Shaun Shivers

John Torchio

Slater Zellers

Gatlin Grisso

Mason Quandt

National Signing Day Division

Starrland Baldwin

T.J. Pledger

Cameron Rising

Connor Pay [Only joking, of course!]

Penguin Classics Division

Alexandre Dumais

Micah Baskerville

Hasaan Hypolite

Aeneas Hawkins

Jordan Redfearn

Alternate Universe Home Run Derby Champion Division

Aaron Fudge

Yoknapatawpha County Residents Division

Millard Bradford

SI Recommends

Colson Yankoff

Wyatt Smock

Reginald Sutton

Garland LaFrance

Judge Culpepper

Hamp Sisson

Hamish McClure

Eight-Time State Champion High School Wrestling Coach Division

Rocky Shelton

Jack Tuttle

Blake Whiteheart

Dusty Schramm

Wonders of Nature Division

Rachad Wildgoose Jr.

Trevor Trout

Kavosiey Smoke

Aaron Frost

Adam Plant

Justin Birdsong

Too Beautiful to Categorize Division

Shocky Jacques-Louis

Rocky Jacques-Louis

Fred Billy

Knowledge Smith

C'Bo Flemister

El Julian Jordan

Dan Land III

Re-al Mitchell

Gino Appleberry

Quinshawn Lucious

Jax Gasaway

Jeslord Boateng

Lyn-J Dixon

Tennessee Pututau [Not a Tennessee target]

Drake Centers (Position: offensive guard)

William Dunkle

Jamall Hickbottom

Ja'Mari Sweet

Osorachukwu Ifesinachukwu

Carlton Cleophat

Trey Livingood