Texas A&M Chancellor Gives Jimbo Fisher a Dateless National Championship Plaque

Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp gave Jimbo Fisher a  national championship plaque without a date at a ceremony earlier this month. 
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According to one plaque, new Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher has won a national championship as head coach of the Aggies. It's just not clear when it happened. 

Fisher, who was lured away from Florida State with a $75 million contract, was given a dateless national championship plaque by Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp in a ceremony honoring him and Colby Carthel, who actually won a Division II national championship with the Texas A&M Commerce Lions. 

The video below shows the plaque, which is visible around the 1:40 mark.

Fisher, of course, has won a national championship as a head coach. But it happened at Florida State in 2013. Fisher's record-setting contract brings with it a set of lofty expectations, and if nothing else, Sharp has made his intentions clear: it's natty or bust.