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What Does NCAA Stand For?

It may be more obvious than you think.

NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The non-profit organization is made up of 1,117 schools that are split into 40 conferences. among three divisions. Division II schools do not have as many athletic scholarships to offer as Division I schools, and Division III schools do not award any athletic scholarships.

There are 24 sports played by NCAA teams. Baseball, basketball (men's and women's), beach volleyball, bowling, cross country (men's and women's), fencing, field hockey, football, golf (men's and women's), gymnastics (men's and women's), ice hockey (men's and women's), lacrosse (men's and women's), rifle, rowing, skiing, soccer (men's and women's), softball, swimming and diving (men's and women's), tennis (men's and women's), indoor track (men's and women's), outdoor track (men's and women's), volleyball (men's and women's), water polo (men's and women's) and wrestling are the sports the NCAA offers.

The organization was founded in 1906 and its headquarters is in Indianapolis.

There are 351 teams in Division I men's basketball, 349 Division I women's basketball teams and 252 Division I football teams (129 in Division I-A and 123 in Division I-AA).