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Stephen F. Austin Coach Says Millennials ‘Don’t Even Watch College Basketball’

He was talking about his players!

Stephen F. Austin lost a tight one to Texas Tech on Thursday. The Red Raiders are a No. 3 three seed out of arguably the best conference in the country. SFA is in the Southland. But the players weren’t intimidated by their stronger opponent, their coach said, because they don’t pay attention to what’s going on in college hoops.  

“Millennials today, they don’t even watch college basketball,” SFA coach Kyle Keller said, according to USA Today. “A lot of our guys didn’t even know who those cats (Texas Tech players) were because they don’t watch the game. They're on their phone and doing that kind of stuff.

“I hate to say it, but as much as you or I or anybody in here watches the games, they don’t. Or the NBA. They might watch the slam-dunk contest in February on TNT or whatever, but that’s about the extent of it.”

UPDATE: USA Today’s write-up left out the context of Kelly’s comments. He was asked whether he felt his team was under-seeded because they played well against a good Tech squad. Kelly said his players, with the exception of senior Ty Charles, didn’t really know the Red Raiders players... because they’re too busy on their phones. 

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There are 351 teams in Division I basketball. How much time does Keller think his players are spending on their phones that they could have watched enough TV to develop a scouting report on their eventual NCAA tournament opponent?

If the players didn’t have enough information about the other team, maybe that’s the coach’s fault. You can’t just go around blaming Kids These Days for liking Snapchat too much or whatever.