Leonard Hamilton on Florida State Not Fouling in Final Seconds: 'The Game Was Over'

The Seminoles were down four with 11 seconds to go, and the team didn't foul the Wolverines.
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In a testy postgame interview, Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton said "the game was over" in defending his team’s decision to not foul in the final seconds of a four-point loss to Michigan in the Elite Eight.

Down four with 11 seconds to go, the Seminoles backed off after failing to secure the rebound on a desperation three-point heave. The Wolverines dribbled out the clock and won 58–54.

CBS Sports’s Dana Jacobson interviewed Hamilton after the game and asked why he didn't choose to foul in the final seconds.

Hamilton seemed surprised at the question, asking “What are you talking about?” Jacobson stood her ground, asking the question again with limited success. You can watch Hamilton’s full response to the line of questioning below.

Florida State finishes the season at 23–12.