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Les Miles Is an Actor Now, With a Real Role in a Movie

Les Miles has a substantial role in an upcoming movie called “Angry Men.”

You’ve seen Les Miles on your TV plenty, both as a football coach and an ESPN analyst, but get ready to see him on the big screen. 

Ross Dellenger of Louisiana newspaper The Advocate has a great story about how Miles is making a name for himself as an actor. He grew up wanting to be in movies and has the time to fulfill that dream now that he doesn’t have a coaching job. 

Miles has appeared in two films already, one about college football called When the Game Stands Tall and another called Camera Obscura. Both were just cameo roles, though. In Camera Obscura he has one line as a cop at crime scene: “Sir, I’m going to need you to step back.”

But Miles has a legitimately substantial role in a movie coming out this summer. It’s called Angry Men, based on the Challenger space shuttle disaster. 

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“It was so fun,” Miles told The Advocate. “I am one of the NASA chiefs. The engineers came to the chief and to the other contracting companies and said, ‘Wait to launch.’ They said, ‘We’re not going to.’ The engineers were right.”

There’s even photographic evidence on the film’s IMDB page. 


Miles may be having some success on the silver screen, but he still hasn’t closed to door on coaching. Until the right football job opens up, though, it sounds like he’s content to spend his time perfecting his acting.