Report: Kevin Ollie Demands UConn Retracts Documents, Threatens to Sue

Kevin Ollie's lawyers sent a letter to UConn demanding the school retract documents released last week.
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Kevin Ollie's lawyers are reportedly threatening to sue UConn and are demanding a retraction of documents released last week, according to The Hartford Courant.

Ollie's lawyers are threatening to sue for defemation and invasion of privacy, reports the Courant.

In a letter to UConn President Susan Herbst, Ollie's lawyers suggest that the school violated Freedom of Information Act laws by releasing interview transcripts that detail false claims and are part of an ongoing NCAA investigation.

The school released documents that suggested Ollie violated recruiting rules. Included in the documents is an interview with former associate head coach Glenn Miller, alleging that Ollie arranged $30,000 to be given to a player's mother for her relocation to Connecticut.

The documents also included information on the internal investigation into recruiting violations, alleging Ollie shot around with a recruit on an official visit and arranged for players to fly to Atlanta to work out with a trainer.

"UConn released the documents in direct response to a Freedom of Information request by Mr. Ollie's own attorneys," UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz issued in a statement. "Other parties, including the media, also requested and received these same documents as required by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in Connecticut. The FOIA, which governs public agencies such as the University, does not permit the selective release of public records to certain parties while denying those same records to others."

On March 10, UConn announced that it had “initiated disciplinary procedures to terminate the employment of [Ollie] for just cause.” The “just cause” classification is notable because schools seldom use it to fire coaches and because it indicates a finding of unethical conduct.