UNC Head Coach Larry Fedora: "Our Game Is Under Attack" and Could Bring Down America

Larry Fedora shared a lot of unpopular opinions at the ACC kickoff event.
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It's safe to say that University of North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora is not a fan of the trends in football.

Fedora spoke to the media on Wednesday, saying "our game is under attack" and expressing a number of unpopular opinions, including the idea that football does not cause CTE.

Fedora believes that rule changes involving the physicality of the game will make football "unrecognizable" within ten years.

Fedora expressed concerns over the disparaging of the game and said the country would be worse if these elements of football are taken away.

Shortly after giving the initial head-turning comments, Fedora reappeared before a group of reporters to discuss his comments that there was no proven link between playing football and CTE.

UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham told WFNZ’s Kyle Bailey that he was “surprised” by Fedora’s comments.

Although Fedora's comments likely won't be taken into account when rule changes are implemented, opinions such as his are not far and few between.