Complainant Speaks Out After Terrence Phillips Claims He Was Cleared In Title IX Probe

A woman who filed a complaint against Phillips was told by Missouri that Phillips was, in fact, found responsible for violating its sexual misconduct policy by texting her "unwanted naked pictures of himself."
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Former Missouri basketball player Terrence Phillips released a lengthy statement on July 26 claiming that the University of Missouri's Title IX investigation into allegations of rape, stalking and inappropriate sexual conduct was finished. Phillips claimed that he was cleared of the most serious allegations against him and was only found responsible in one incident where he pushed his then-girlfriend in October of 2016.

Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on Tuesday that Phillips statement wasn't entirely true. 

"A woman who filed a Title IX complaint against Phillips last year received an email from the university in June saying the school found Phillips responsible for violating Section 3 of its policy on Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Misconduct in Education. Section 3 covers sexual misconduct," Matter reports.

Under the policy, the Post-Dispatch explained, sexual misconduct is defined in four ways. Phillips allegedly violated the section regarding "exposing one's genitals to another under any circumstances in which one should reasonably know that the conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm," by text messaging several unwanted naked pictures of himself to the anonymous complainant. 

The documents shared with the Post-Dispatch said that while Phillips did violate Section 3, he did not violate Section 4 which covers stalking. He had until June 11 to appeal the finding but did not. The anonymous complainant said that the accounts included in Phillips Twitter statement did not include any of the interactions that prompted her complaint. 

In his statement, Phillips listed Complainant A, C, D, and E -- leaving the Post-Dispatch to speculate that the woman with whom they spoke could be the unlisted Complainant B.

"I don't know anything about the other girls' cases," she told the Times-Dispatch. "Just what everyone else has seen on Twitter."

The woman has not had contact with Phillips since filing her Title IX complaint last fall. 

Phillips was dismissed from the basketball team in February amid Missouri's investigation. He did not respond to any messages left by the Post-Dispatch asking about the sexual misconduct ruling.