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Courtney Smith Clarifies Details of 2015 Domestic Assault Incident Report

Courtney Smith denies report an Ohio State lawyer asked her to drop assault charges against ex-husband Zach Smith

The ex-wife of former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith clarified details of a 2015 police report saying that she feared for her life because of constant threats and pattern of abuse.

Courtney Smith told Stadium and that part of the original story published Wednesday night by The Columbus Dispatch was not accurate.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that an Ohio State attorney asked Courtney Smith to drop charges against Zach Smith in Oct. 2015.

According to that story, the Dispatch received a police incident report anonymously in the mail, providing details from Oct. 26, 2015, when Courtney called police to file a report against Zach. When the Dispatch asked Powell Police Chief Gary Vest about the report, he “did not dispute it.”

"No way. I would have never said that," Courtney Smith said to

According to that Dispatch story, Courtney Smith shared details with Officer Ben Boruchowitz of the Powell Police Department, including that Ohio State previously sent a lawyer to her home to discuss an incident between her and Zach, an Ohio State assistant coach at the time.

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The lawyer was there to “[convince Courtney] to drop the charge because it would embarrass OSU if she proceeded with the prosecution,” according to the Dispatch.

While Courtney Smith said that part of the story was not correct, she said she did tell police about the 2009 arrest of Zach Smith while he was employed by the University of Florida and part of Urban Meyer's coaching staff.

Zach Smith was fired by Ohio State on July 23 when reports surfaced that Courtney filed an order of protection against him.

Meyer claimed the next day at Big Ten Media Day that he was not aware of any 2015 investgation concerning Zach Smith.

Meyer was suspended for the Buckeyes' first three games of the season after an independent investigation said he mishandled the situation concerning Zach Smith. The school also suspended Athletic Director Gene Smith for two weeks over his handling of the situation.

Meyer later apologized to Courtney Smith after he was criticized for failing to address her during the press conference after his suspension was announced.