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Miami watch out. 

The turnover chain has spread to New Orleans in the form of a rainbow, Mardi Gras-esque set of turnover beads as now sported by Tulane. The Green Wave broke out their version of the infamous chain in their season opener against Wake Forest. 

And it gained quite the response as Tulane came back to tie Wake Forrest and force overtime. While the Green Wave lost 23–17, the chain still helped steal the show.

But the Hurricanes weren't having the Turnover chain comparison. 

The oversized gold turnover chain gained traction last season. It started off when Miami cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph wanted a rope chain players could wear after forcing a turnover. Luckily for Miami, a Cuban chain was used and a big U charm was added to give it a lot of zing.

Kennesaw State even created its own turnover plank—clearly winning the creativity battle. 

We'll have to see if the turnover beads stay present throughout the season and if Miami's turnover chain comes back, but my how we've missed college football.