An Alabama fan was fatally beaten in a bar fight at Ponchatoula Pub while celebrating the Crimson Tide's win over LSU. A physical altercation involving 46-year-old Robert Bowers and two individuals, later identified as Azia Crockett and Ryan Anthony, took place inside the pub just after midnight on the morning on Nov. 4.

Bowers died Tuesday from the injuries he sustained, the Ponchatoula police department announced.

The Ponchatoula native was beaten by both men until he lost consciousness. Bowers received immediate medical attention from a Ponchatoula Volunteer Fireman until an ambulance arrived on scene. He was transported to North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond and was later moved to University Medical Center, where he remained on life support in critical condition until he died Nov. 6.

Police have not said specifically what prompted the attack, but the police chief told WDSU's Michael Vinsanau that the fight was not over LSU-Alabama game. The Chief said the fight began over an undisclosed incident involving Bowers' niece, who was intoxicated.

Bowers' daughter, Alexandria Bowers, told that she, her boyfriend, her father and her female cousin were at the Ponchatoula Pub to watch Saturday night's LSU-Alabama game. Witnesses told the daughter that a man took issue with her cousin at the bar, at which point the two men approached her father.

The two suspects responsible for the attack have both been arrested and charged with one count of felony manslaughter each. Both Crockett and Anthony turned themselves into Ponchatoula detectives and were transported to Tangipahoa Parish Jail.