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Nine-Interception Cheez-It-Bowl Sends Twitter Into Comical Frenzy

The Cheez-I(n)t Bowl had quarterbacks throwing to the wrong team all night.

Those who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to catch Wednesday night's Cheez–It Bowl between California and TCU might have seen college football set back a couple of decades with the sheer amount of offensive ineptitude that was on display.

The teams threw for a combined nine interceptions, including four by TCU starter Grayson Muehlstein. Muehlstein's night to forget resulted in completing seven of his 20 pass attempts for a grand total of 27 yards.

Luckily, the Horned Frogs had running back Sewo Olonilua, who galloped for 194 yards and a touchdown and was named the game's offensive MVP in TCU's 10–7 overtime win. 

Social media had a field day on this clown show, including reacting to the TCU SID getting a 15-yard sideline interference penalty for celebrating on the field and some grade-A tweets from the game's official Twitter account.