Five Things to Know About Justyn Ross, Clemson's Breakout Wide Receiver

Clemson WR Justyn Ross has been the stealing the show all season.
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Justyn Ross is a standout wide receiver for Clemson, and he's turning heads in the Cotton Bowl against Notre Dame on Saturday.

Ross helped put Clemson ahead 16–3 in the second quarter of the Cotton Bowl with two huge touchdowns. He scored on a 52-yard touchdown pass from Trevor Lawrence at the start of the quarter and later on a 42-yarder. If he's piqued your interest, that's because there's plenty of interesting things to know about the Tigers' secret weapon. Here are some quick facts about the wide receiver.

He's put up some impressive stats this season

In 12 games, Ross has tallied 699 receiving yards and six touchdowns on 24 receptions. He ranks second in the ACC and 10th in the nation in receiving yards per reception with 20.6.

And he is only, ahem, a freshman

Yes, you read that correctly. Ross is a true freshman at Clemson. He came to the Tigers out of Central High School in Phenix City, Ala., where he was a four-star high recruit, according to 247Sports.

He Received Scholarship Offers as a High School Freshman

Ross received his first offers to play college football in the spring between his freshman and sophomore years of high school, according to The State. Mississippi State and Kentucky were the first two programs to give him offers. By his junior year, Ross was a highly-sought after prospect. Other programs including Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan and of course Clemson were interested in him, reports the The State.

He Almost Quit Playing Football in High School

During his freshman year, Ross wanted to quit the sport because he wasn't having fun and wanted to play basketball, according to The State. Ross told his mother that he intended to drop football and missed a few workouts. His coach, Jamey DuBose, met with him and told Ross that he wouldn't let him quit. Looks like DuBose knew a thing or two about what could happen in the future.

Clemson Knew We Would All be Googling Him

During fall camp, Ross made a stunning catch that Clemson tweeted out to introduce the world to the wide receiver. The clip went viral and was even shown on ESPN. 

Fast forward four months later, and the world is continuing to notice the star receiver. Thanks for the heads up, Tigers.