The Best Dabo Swinney Moments After Clemson's National Championship Win

Dabo was enjoying every moment of Clemson's national championship win.
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Dabo Swinney was living in the moment on Monday night after his Clemson Tigers took down the Crimson Tide in a commanding fashion for the program's second national championship in three years. 

The final 44–16 score made for an absolutely ecstatic Swinney. As the Tigers' coach was beaming in the glory of his win, Swinney had a few moments that stood out as even more glorious than the others.

Here the best five Dabo moments from after Clemson's win: 

1. Santa Clara is a tough place to locate

Especially when you're busy basking in the lime light of your national championship.

2. "We got twins"

When Dabo took the trophy, he didn't even have to think about where it would sit in Clemson's facilities. "We got twins," he said, referring to Clemson's 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy.

We're sure your twins will look great together, Dabo. 

3. Back to work

As excited as Dabo was about his Tigers becoming the first team to win 15 games in a season in 121 years, he was also already thinking about trophy No. 3. 

"We're gonna enjoy this tonight," Swinney said. "But on Friday, we're gonna have another team meeting and we're gonna get locked in on next year."

4. Dabo gets inspirational

Dabo gave a heartfelt post-game interview after his team's big win. 

5. Oh, and he got wet-willied during it all.

Clemson's national title is the program's second in three seasons.