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'Last Chance U' Coach Jason Brown Resigns After Hitler Text to Player

Jason Brown was accused of making a Hitler reference in a text to German player.

Independence Community College football coach Jason Brown, who was featured in the popular Netflix series Last Chance U, resigned from his position days after a German player said that the coach referred to himself as “your new Hitler.”

Brown posted his resignation letter on Twitter early Monday morning with the first page highlighing ICC's accomplishments during his tenure.

“Given what has most recently been allowed to transpire, it is clear, that it will be nearly impossible to stay here. More plainly, the Montgomery County Chronicle has greatly diminished my ability to successfully do my job, and has set this football program back significantly, and the cumulative effect of all these detrimental factors I believe clearly constitute a constructive discharge of my employment," Brown said in a statement.

There are posted screenshot images of a Feb. 12 exchange between the player, freshman Alexandros Alexiou, and Brown. Brown told Alexiou that his scholarship was revoked and was no longer a member of the football team.

“U obviously have issues and now wont be a part of this program,” Brown said in the texts. “I’ll take u off the f---ing scholarship I gave u too since u have forgotten that.”

School officials later restored Alexiou's scholarship.

ICC President Dan Barwick had said in a statement that the school "does not condone the language Coach Brown used in his message" and that the school was investigating the matter.

In the third season of Last Chance U, camera crews followed the team, which posted a record of 5–4 the previous year. The 2018 team, which is scheduled to be the subject of Season 4, finished 2–8.