Watch: Auburn’s Samir Doughty Handles Questions on Kyle Guy Foul With Class

Samir Doughty said the refs were doing their jobs as best as they could.
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Auburn's Samir Doughty was willing to field all questions from reporters regarding his last-second foul on Kyle Guy that sent him to the free-throw line for three shots and send Virginia to the national championship.

Doughty's foul came with 0.6 seconds left. Virginia was down two before Guy nailed all three shots from the line to give the Cavaliers a 63–62 win.

According to national coordinator of officials JD Collins, Doughty moved into the airborne shooter and made contact with Guy while taking away his landing spot.

"They're going to do their job to the best that they can," Doughty says in a video from The Athletic's Matt Fortuna. "The referees don't try to tell me how to put the basketball in the hoop. I'm not going to tell them how to make the right or wrong call."

Doughty also added, according to "I was super surprised. They hadn't been calling those fouls all game. There were plays where there were fouls on three-point shots, but it wasn't getting called at all. So for it to get called on that last play was kind of surprising."

Before reporters finished up in the locker room, Doughty said, "Anybody else? I'm up for all questions."

Doughty's teammate Bryce Brown was spotted saying, "NCAA needs to get some new refs" while walking off the court.

Virginia will face No. 3 Texas Tech in Monday's national championship game.