Why Do Virginia Fans Chant Wahoowa?

Virginia's Wahoowa chant began in the 1890s. 
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The Virginia faithful were out in numbers in Minneapolis on Monday night as the Cavaliers faced Texas Tech in the national title game. The Virginia contingent busted out the "Wahoowa" chant on numerous occasions, bringing a Charlottesville touch in the season's final matchup. 

The Wahoowa chant was heard throughout U.S. Bank Stadium. But what does the famous saying actually mean?

Learn the history of Wahoowa below. 

The Wahoowa cheer reportedly originated in the 1890s as a spin on Virginia's alma mater song "Auld Lang Syne."

It took on another meaning in the 20th century, as the term wahoos refers to a fish that can drink twice its weight. As Virginia earned a reputation as a party school, rivals began to deem the Cavaliers, "wahoos."

It seems as though Virginia fans have steered into the skid over the past century, owning "Wahoowa" as a rallying cry for students and alumni.