Chuba Hubbard Isn't the One Who Needed to Apologize: Unchecked

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Chuba Hubbard has nothing to apologize for. Not to Mike Gundy, not to Oklahoma State.

Hubbard stated he wouldn’t have anything to do with the school until things changed, in posting a picture of his coach wearing a One America News Network T-Shirt. Oklahoma State's star running back also had the support of his teammates, and it didn't take long after a burgeoning player revolt began, for Gundy to arrange a meeting.

After which Gundy said, “…I realized it’s a very sensitive issue with what’s going on in today’s society... I’m looking forward to making some changes, that starts at the top with me, and we’ve got good days ahead.” While Hubbard added he went about it the wrong way by tweeting before later clarifying that, "...Results are coming. It's not over."

To be clear, this really is not about anybody’s shirt, it’s about people standing up to a certain mentality. And of course knowing things that are said on OAN, it’s natural Hubbard would feel a way, especially when it is being worn by the coach he is playing for every day.

We continue to see more and more sports figures refusing to let this moment pass, but one change the Oklahoma State situation is already representative of is college athletes speaking out, as the power structure, especially when it comes to coaches at major universities, has made that challenging in the past. But Hubbard’s tweet certainly got Mike Gundy’s attention and the attention of Oklahoma State. 

So while I hope something productive comes from them getting together, one thing is for sure, Chuba Hubbard isn’t the one who should’ve apologized.