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Miami Fans Save Cat From Upper Deck Fall Using American Flag

It may be the most heart-stopping video of the college football season, but it wasn't on the field. In a bizarre sequence at Hard Rock Stadium during the Miami–Appalachian State game, a cat was dangling from the upper deck and fell into a crowd of fans who used an American flag to break its fall.  

The group of Hurricane fans then picked up the death-defying feline and presented it to the stadium Simba-style to a roar of cheers. Although, the cat didn't seem to be in the best mood and can be seen clawing its heroes. 

After the rescue, the heroes were identified as Craig and Kimberly Cromer, who are husband and wife and it was their American flag used in the grab. Craig said while the cat was dangling, it urinated on fans below it. 

"This,” Craig told the Miami Herald, “is my first catch.”

It's unclear how the cat got there in the first place, but the viral video clearly stole the show and attention of both fans and broadcasters—who did a play-by-play of the entire ordeal. But it seems the whereabouts of the cat since its fall are unknown, per the Miami Herald.

In this video, you can see the cat land in the flag, but it looks like it breaks its fall before falling to the ground.

Here are some more angles of the memorable ordeal:

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