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Penn State’s Fake Punt Epically Fails, Sets New Gold Standard

Penn State may have held a 10–7 lead over Arkansas heading into halftime of the Outback Bowl, but one play from the first half will stay etched in fans' minds for the foreseeable future.

Nittany Lions kicker Jordan Stout looked like he was going to attempt a field goal in the final minute of the second quarter. That is, until Arkansas took a timeout, after which Penn State opted for a fake punt on fourth-and-13 from the Arkansas 36.

Remember the failed fake punt the Colts tried several years ago, which Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde cited as “the gold standard for bad fake kicks”? Well, the Nittany Lions gave that play a run for its money. 

The team came out in an odd formation, with several players running deep and one going flat, leaving Stout, who managed to avoid a tackle, with no option but to loft a hefty heave downfield. The ball easily sailed 40-plus yards but, alas, did not land near a Penn State player.

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The failed move left Arkansas in prime position to power the ball back and maybe take the lead heading into halftime, but an interception on Penn State's 38-yard-line crushed the possibility.

However, Arkansas outscored Penn State 17–0 in the third quarter and ended up winning 24–10.

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