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Division I Council Expected to Approve Elimination of Initial Counters, per Source

The NCAA Division I Council is expected to approve the elimination of initial counters this week, according to Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger. Initial counters is the current rule in place that limits football programs to sign up to 25 players in a new signing class. 

The change will allow Division I football programs to sign an unlimited amount of players per signing class so long as it stays below the 85 scholarship limit. The change would allow coaches to fill out holes on their roster — especially if there was significant turnover. 

However, the change could have a downside. The rule change would give coaches the freedom to cut however many players they see fit because they now don’t have to worry about being limited in how many players they can sign. Programs could do a massive roster overhaul without any limitations. 

The mass use of the transfer portal in recent years has left programs relatively helpless at times when looking to fill out a roster, but change is likely on the horizon. Whether the change is good or bad remains to be seen. 

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