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Jimbo Fisher Denies Texas A&M Pays for Players After Nick Saban Comments

Jimbo Fisher did not hold back when responding to Nick Saban’s accusation that Texas A&M “bought every player on their team,” in reference to the program’s Name, Image and Likeness deals. 

“It’s despicable that we have to sit here at this level of ball and say these things to defend the people of this organization,” Fisher said during Thursday’s press conference, “the kids – 17-year old kids and their family.” He apologized to the fans and players for Saban’s comments, adding, “There are no violations.”

Texas A&M finished the 2022 recruiting season edging out Alabama for the top spot. According to 247 Sports, the Aggies landed eight five-star recruits and 19 four-star recruits. 

Fisher continued: “it’s despicable that a reputable head coach” would make these comments, calling his former boss a “narcissist.” Fisher was at one point a Saban assistant. 

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“I don’t cheat. I don’t lie,” the Texas A&M coach said. “If you did my old man slapped me across the face. Maybe someone should have slapped [Saban].”

This is not the first time Fisher and the Aggies have faced NIL rumors. Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin previously attacked Texas A&M for “different salary caps” than the rest of the country. 

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