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Elite 11 Finals: Emory Williams, Malachi Singleton Pace the Field in Accuracy Gauntlet Rankings

Day 3 rankings feature the Miami commitment and Arkansas pledge at the top of the list.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif.—The 2022 Elite 11 Finals concluded with a renovated Accuracy Gauntlet and a 7-on-7 tournament to wrap up an exciting event loaded with top arms from across the country.

The accuracy gauntlet featured four rings in different areas of the field, and each quarterback was given four chances to zip a pass through each ring in two different, fast-paced throwing sessions. The first period had the signal-callers work within the structure and the second leg demanded the passers operate under duress while using their legs, each workout requiring pristine ball placement from start to finish.

Sports Illustrated’s Day 3 rankings, similar to the second day's pro pay, were created by grading all 18 passes that each quarterback made throughout the Accuracy Gauntlet on a scale of 1-3 — a score of "1" representing an off-target throw, a score of "2" representing a catchable ball and a score of "3" representing a money throw.

However, certain throws—deep shots, roll-outs and pressure situations—were assessed with multipliers influencing the grade, based on the difficulty of the pass. Ties were broken by the total number of money throws a given quarterback tossed.

(The 7-on-7 tournament sample did not affect the quarterback’s Day 3 scores)

Elite 11 Accuracy Gauntlet Rankings

1. Emory Williams (Miami commitment)
Score: 49, two money throws

T-2. Malachi Singleton (Arkansas)

Score: 47.5, four money throws

T-2. Brock Glenn (uncommitted)

Score: 47.5, four money throws

4. Rickie Collins (Purdue):

Score: 47.5, three money throws

5. Kenny Minchey (Pittsburgh)

Score: 46.5, four money throws

6. Jaden Rashada (Miami)

Score: 46, four money throws

7. Jaxon Smolik (Tulane)

Score: 45.5, four money throws

8. Jackson Arnold (Oklahoma)

Score: 45, four money throws

9. JJ Kohl (Iowa State)

Score: 43.5, three money throws

10. Zane Flores (Oklahoma State)

Score: 43, three money throws

11. Dante Moore (uncommitted)

Score: 42.5, two money throws

12. Malachi Nelson (USC)

Score: 41.5, one money throw

13. Pierre Clarkson (Louisville)

Score: 41, one money throw

14. Eli Holstein (Alabama)

Score: 39.5, four money throws

T-15. Chris Vizzina (Clemson)

Score: 39.5, one money throw

T-15. Avery Johnson (uncommitted)

Score: 39.5, one money throws

17. Chris Parson (Florida State)

Score: 38, one money throw

18. Austin Novosad (Baylor)

Score: 37.5, one money throw

19. Marcus Stokes (Penn State)

Score: 37, zero money throws

20. Brady Drogosh (Cincinnati)

Score: 36.5, two money throws

FanNation's Zach Goodall, Matt Galatzan and Brian Smith contributed to this report.

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