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In Notre Dame's victory over Cal last week, the referees made a key mistake, calling the Golden Bears offside on a missed Notre Dame field goal attempt when there should have been no penalty. The Fighting Irish scored a touchdown two plays later, turning zero points into seven, and ended up winning the game 24–17.

On Saturday, ESPN’s Roxy Bernstein reported the ACC suspended the sideline referee who called the offside, and the league apologized to the school for making the error. However, the conference still doesn’t plan on making a public apology for the mistake.

The blown call was a key part of Notre Dame’s first win of the season, as it allowed the Fighting Irish to tie the game in the second quarter.

Cal had a chance to pull off a big road non-conference upset and give Notre Dame a third straight loss to open the season, but instead, the Golden Bears dropped to 2–1 in non-conference play.

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