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The latest iteration of the College Football Playoff rankings was released on Tuesday night, and, as is tradition, it made some people upset.

Some may argue that’s the explicit purpose of the weekly ritual, or at the very least an inevitable side effect of such an objective endeavor. But the focal point of this week’s top-25 release centered around which team would take hold of the No. 5 spot: 9-2 LSU or 10-1 USC?

It was the Tigers who got the nod this time around, bringing Brian Kelly’s team ever closer to becoming the first two-loss team to make the playoff field. There was plenty of blustering about that decision on social media—not the least of which came from ESPN analyst and former Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

Since the BCS era, “SEC bias” has become as ingrained a battle cry from all regions of the country not situated in the Southeast as any other. Four of the current top-10 teams hail from the SEC, and the possibility of getting two teams in the final field of four for the third time under the current system now has a clear path should LSU win out and beat an undefeated Georgia in the SEC championship game.

Because it’s college football, there will surely be some unforeseen result in the next two weeks that jerks the wheel of the national championship picture. Until then, expect the griping about who’s ranked where to only pick up steam as we continue down the stretch run.

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