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Greg McElroy Rips CFP Committee After Latest Rankings: ‘There’s No Consistency’

The second official College Football Playoff rankings came out on Tuesday night, and ESPN’s Greg McElroy wasn’t pleased with how things played out.

The 35-year-old had shared his own picks for the top six teams in college football on Monday night, and there were some significant discrepancies from the official rankings the CFP committee released a day later.

During ESPN’s CFP rankings discussion show on Tuesday, McElroy sounded off on the committee for its lack of consistency when ranking the nation’s top teams.

“Why are we using résumé to define Ohio State as No. 1? We’re using eye test to define Georgia and Michigan as No. 2 and No. 3, we’re using résumé plus eye test to find Florida State at No. 4, and then we like Washington, but, you know... there’s no consistency.” said McElroy.

Funnily enough, McElroy had Oregon at No. 6 on his personal rankings, the same spot as the official rankings, though he honed in on the Ducks’ placement among the top eight teams as a sticking point in why the CFP committee was not consistent enough in its evaluations. 

“What you’re telling people, to an extent, is ‘Hey, just schedule Texas Tech in the preseason.’ Because Texas Tech, that’s who Oregon played... But if you look at the strength of record, it’s not comparable. Alabama and Texas are both operating, right now, pretty well...” McElroy said.

The Ducks, Longhorns, and Crimson Tide are considered to be three of the country’s top one-loss teams. In terms of the three programs’ strength of schedule, Oregon has played against the weakest opponents, and McElroy argued they should be ranked behind Alabama and Texas.

"On the show, we are tasked with evaluating the Committee's Ranking... The Committee's Ranking is not consistent. THAT'S the problem and I'm frustrated with the use of Resume/Eye Test when it's convenient," McElroy wrote on social media after his segment on ESPN began gaining attention. 

"If the Committee has Ohio St at #1 (which is fine), then Texas must be #6. They have the best resume amongst the 1-loss teams."

McElroy might not be pleased with where the College Football Playoff rankings currently are, but there is still plenty of action left before the final playoff schedule is locked.